Summer 2021

in-person workshop returning to Hamlin, Aug 2021!

CMC staff and artists are fully vaccinated

AUG 28/29, 2021

ETHOS  Movement Summer Intensive Workshop

with Ayako Kato

Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 1 pm

Location: Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater (in-person)

2 days, $40-$50 sliding -scale; 1 day $25-$30 sliding scale

What does it mean to make ourselves empty physically and mentally? How do we dance/move differently when we achieve this state? In this workshop, participants explore ways to open up the body-mind and stay balanced.  Ayako will share her ideas and practice of how to center, ground, and align the body, and how to expand and develop the tangible and intangible tensegrity (tension x integrity) through our bodies and minds to sense new relationships within and around us. Participants will create a short dance.

For reservations/questions contact Ayako at

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(safety details will be shared upon reg

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April 20 - June 15, 2021 (9 sessions plus a showing)

Ayako Kato Dance Movement Workshop

"WindFlow:  Going Through with Improvisation"

Tuesdays, 10 am - noon

Location: at Hamlin Park - outdoor lawn (weather permitting)

Full Workshop, early-bird:  $130

Single drop-in workshops -  General: $14, Professionals/Students/Seniors: $12;

or pay what you can.

The weather is getting better, and we are seeing the light. Yet, still let dance/movement help us go through this period with an activated creative mental and physical state of being. Ayako will share her approach to expand your perceptions as an improviser and advocator of multi-centrism and the art of being. Let's plan our outdoor informal performance toward the end of the session sometime in June!



Jan 5 - April 6, 2021 (14 sessions)

Ayako Kato Dance/Movement Workshop

"ETHOS:  Following Nature Toward Spring" 

compositional and improvisational movement, somatic exercises, meditation-

Tuesdays.  9:30 - 10 am Zazen Mediation | 10 am - noon Creative Sessions

on ZOOM /orin-person outside at Hamlin Park (weather permitting) 

for Zoom link (or ?'s), contact Ayako or click here

We often notice that our minds and bodies sway like tree branches, or like the wind. In our bodies, there are many common elements, forms, and functions which humans draw from nature– because we are nature. Nature is not a resource for economic survival. Nature is where all of us are from and return.  Let’s closely sense and investigate these elements and movements in our body. Let’s really dance. Through this seminar-style workshop, with deep breathing, we: meditate quietly and actively; learn human anatomy and its functions, will find our center, axises, alignment, and spiral to move more freely; and develop imagery to objectively and subjectively weave our motions with our energetic waves. Then, we will reflect on what is nature and what is dance.

Sep 8 - Dec 15, 2020 (14 sessions, no class Nov 24)

Ayako Kato Dance Movement Workshop

"Be a Poet"

Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10 am (Zazen Meditation)  |  10 am - noon (Creative Sessions)

Location:  outside at Hamlin Park when the weather permits, with social distancing.

Otherwise, on Zoom.  Location will be given through the email list, Facebook and Instagram the previous day


Words and movements are different. Yet, the spirit connects them.  How do we express and communicate through our tangible body and intangible mind? Is the movement abstract? When does it become concrete? How do we build the world through movements? How can our physical, momentary expressions travel through time in relation to the previous and the next movements? How can our intention influence space? How can we link our body-mind with the viewers’?  How can an individual performer connect/link with other performers (dancers & musicians) or music/sound, sharing the same space/time to create a world?  Referencing the practice of Renku (Japanese Chained Poetry) and Haiku, participants will explore physical poetry as solo, duo, trio, and as a group (reading the air).   Before the creative section of the workshop, we will meditate (sitting, walking, and dancing) and also practice somatic exercises--particularly being aware of fascia connections in order to integrate our physical, mental, and energetic being. 

August 23-25, 2020

Ayako Kato Dance Summer Intensive:

"Let’s Create Chained Poetry Improv-Compositional Dance!"

Sun.  Mon.  Tues.  10 am - 2:30 pm

On Zoom or outdoor at Hamlin Park 

Renku, haikai no renga/linked verse, is a Japanese Chained Poetry form that was established by poet Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694) who is mostly known for his haiku (the first verse of Renku). This group, collaborative, improvisational, and compositional traditional activity is still practiced in modern days. As dancemakers and practitioners, there is a lot we can learn from Renku’s rules, aesthetics, and approaches. During this intensive, participants will start to learn the form’s basic structure and rules while creating their own verses and by linking them with others’ verses. At the end of the intensive, we aim to complete one volume of Chained Poetry Dance improvised/composed of 36 verses/short pieces of dance which must be the very first one in world history!  There will be a showing at the workshop's conclusion.


June 23 - July 28, Tues 9:30 am -noon*

"Eclipse Dance Movement and Creative Workshop III"

with Ayako Kato

9:30 am Zazen Meditation, 10 am Warmup and Creative Session.

Single drop-in workshop $14/$12 (professionals, students, seniors)

"This third session of the Eclipse series will focus on improvisation. Yet, not in a regular manner. Participants will learn improvisation more as a principle practice. We continuously seek out the empty-self to gain maximum freedom and understanding of the natural force through our physical-mental-self and beyond. Then, again, the session hopes for participants to encounter the transformative absolute as the Eclipse moment. "  Ayako Kato

To learn more about Ayako, please visit: OR Ayako Kato Dance on Vimeo     Questions? Contact Ayako at: furyuayajp(at)



 Elisa Foshay.  Photo:  W. Frederking

Ayako Kato_Photo by Benjamin Wardell_3_e

Ayako Kato, photo Benjamin Wardell

Basho Photo.jpg

Image courtesy of Ayako Kato

Eclipse Workshop Image 3.JPG
Sakura 2020.jpeg

"Sakura".  Image:  Ayako Kato


Image:  Ayako Kato

Image:  Ayako Kato