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Rental - the performance project

"a supportive environment for daring and visionary contemporary choreographers"  (WBEZ Radio, Chicago) - Hamlin Park Theater


A beautiful, intimate theater located in a 1910 prairie-style park fieldhouse.

Operated by The Chicago Moving Company in partnership with the Chicago Park District.

2024 Use/updates:

The Hamlin Park Theater will be closed for fall beginning

Sept 1, 2024.

The space will re-open Jan 2025 for event rentals and possibly

theater usage.  For more information at that time contact 

The Chicago Park District, Hamlin Park Fieldhouse.


Performance Project - supportive, discounted rentals  of

the theater for artists producing their own work.

  .  rental nights:  Thursdays, Fridays

  .  30 x 40 foot performance space (with additional raised

     proscenium at the back)

  .  sprung wood floor with marley overlay

  .  seats 55-75, depending on configuration; padded chairs

     on risers

  .  theater masking:  wings (3 on each side); back traveler curtain

     creates cross over and masks proscenium to create black box

   .  basic lighting and sound equipment (please see inventory below)

  .  lobby

  .  spacious dressing room with running water

  .  piano


Tech Inventory Sheet - here (to download/view)








redance runway hamlin 2019.jpg

RE|Dance in concert at the Hamlin Park Theater, January 2019

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