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Founder - Nana Shineflug


"mover, shaker Shineflug's zest never waver(ed). . . a choreographer, teacher, performer

and den mother to countless Chicago dancers and dance enthusiasts--an influence,

not to mention a moral support for Chicago dancers for nearly four decades"

Chicago Tribune



Nana (1935-2015) founded and led the Chicago Moving Company from 1972-2014.


A master choreographer and teacher she created over 40  dance and performance works and

was recipient of four Choreographic Awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, 

Columbia College's Distinguished Alumni Award, a 2013-15 Fulbright Award, and many other honors.


Her celebrated work for CMC was presented throughout Chicago and toured nationally

and internationally--to Germany, Brazil, Mongolia, China; she also  performed, taught, 

and exhibited her photographs during  solo-tours to Israel and India.  A beloved and gifted teacher,

Nana was guest  choreographer, lecturer, and teacher for universities throughout the U.S. and abroad, 

and was a faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Arts Graduate Program and the Theater Department

of Columbia College, Chicago and at CMC's Hamlin Park studio.  She leaves a lasting legacy of her

artistic work, her movement technique "The Conscious Body",  and hundreds of CMC alumni dancers,

dance students, colleagues, friends, and family. 




















































Nana dancing, photo:  E. DuFour

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