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Approaching 9 (Echo Project)

multi-year project re-imagining and reverberating repertory work through different casts, sites, and communities.

4th phase:  research, rehearsal, and development for "Approaching 9"/Echo 5, with public showings 2023.


Approaching 9 (Echo Project)

multi-year project re-imagining and reverberating repertory work through different casts, sites, and communities.

3rd phase:  research, rehearsal, and development for "Approaching 9"/Echo 4 (summer-fall 2020), with public outdoor showings (2020/21) and video to share virtually.


Clark Park Boathouse Plaza, Chicago December 2020

Outdoor Performance - Echo 4

Video: SGL Productions

Music:  Pauline Oliveros

The Grove, Independence Park, Chicago

September 2021

Outdoor, Research and development - Echo 4

Photography:  SGL Productions

Music: Pauline Oliveros


Approaching 9 (Echo Project)

multi-year project re-imagining and reverberating repertory work through different casts, sites, and communities.

2nd phase:  research, rehearsal, and development for "Approaching 9"/Echo 2 and Echo 3 (spring-summer 2019) with 2 public performances.

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Mar 2019

45th Anniversary Concert - performance Echo 2.

Echo 2 performance:  Precious Jennings

"stunning.  One of the highlights of the evening".

Best of 2019:  Performances that have stayed with us, "so elegant and authentic" (DCCC).

Dance Shelter 2019, May 2019

performance Echo 3.

Echo 3 performance:  Precious Jennings, Jasmine Mendoza

"challenging, imaginative work  . . . delightful" (Chicago Magazine)

Chicago Magazine: "Best Things to Do in Chicago this Month"

"Dance Top 5:  May 2019" - NewCity Stage

Echo Project | Ripple  

CMC repertory and/or resources reinterpreted/used by artists outside of the company; subset of the larger Echo Project

Margi Cole/The Dance COLEctive - "My Sufi Tale"

inspired by CMC's "Sufi Tales" (1988); performed at:

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, March 2019

Harvest Dance Festival, Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Sept 2019

Nejla Yatkin - Moving Nature Dreams

use of CMC's monumental costume for "Floating", hand-sewn by Nana Shineflug from 30 yards of fabric.

Chicago, August 2019


Approaching 9 (Echo Project)

multi-year project re-imagining and reverberating repertory work through different casts, sites, and communities.

1st phase:  research and development for "Approaching 9" Echo 1, with performance research spring - summer 2018, one public performance.

Music:  Pauline Oliveras, "Sounds in a Cistern"

Echo 1 performance:  Chih-Hsien Lin


Dance Shelter 2018 - performance of 1st phase:

one of the "best dance performances of the summer" (Crains)


"Approaching 9, performed here as a solo by Chih-Hsien Lin is surprisingly fresh and current . . .  a sign of Shineflug's timelessness in the Chicago dance landscape"

Chicago Tribune, Lauren Warnecke



Mobius/3 (Mobius Project)

Choreography:  Saiko Kino with movement material created by the dancers

Recorded score:  Kumiko Yabu, Yuta Yokoyama

Lighting:  Jacob Snodgrass

Premiered:  Dance Shelter 2017, Chicago

"unique and daring contemporary choreography . . .  powerful and clear" 3rd Coast Review

Re-imagined for the Hamlin Park Theater,





M O B I U S   (Mobius Project)                                                    Choreography:  Saiko Kino

Original Live score:  Kumiko Yabu (Gamelan, percussion), Yuta Yokoyama (trumpet), Yasumune Morshige (cello)

premiered:  Tottori, Japan (2016), Tokyo, Japan (2016),

Chicago (2016)

"Mobius is generating significant buzz" NewCity Stage

The Mobius Project was a 2-year international artistic and cultural exchange between the Chicago Moving Company and experimental Japanese choreographer Saiko Kino centered on process and the creation of a new work.  The project included a research, artistic development tour to Japan; the building of a new work there under the direction of Ms. Kino; collaboration with Japanese musicians (above) on a live score (gamelan, percussion, trumpet, cello) for the work; performance of MOBIUS at 2 venues and 2 cities in Japan; reciprocal visit of Kino, Yabu, and Yokoyama to Chicago to re-stage and show the work at the Hamlin Park Theater; and inclusion of the piece in CMC repertory.

watch excerpts of site-specific Mobius performance at the Hospitale Art Project, Tottori, Japan 2016

watch Mobius/2, (excerpt) restaged for the Hamlin Park Theater, September 2016, Chicago

supported by a MacArthur Foundation International Connections Award





The Collectors

Direction: Karla Beltchenko Original Score:  Maxwell Citron Lighting:  Jacob Snodgrass

an investigation combining movement and film

Premiered:  London (2015), Dance Shelter, Chicago (2016)

"One gets the sensation of the mundane being a source of beauty, amplifying and celebrating the movements that make up what it means to be a human . . .  The Collectors connects us to our humanity and studies the 'dance' we all do every day."  (ArtIntercepts).









The Women (restaged)

Costumes:  Collin Bunting; Lighting:  Jacob Snodgrass

Premiered:  Dance Shelter 2015

"3 stars--"The Women" reveals bedrock understanding.  CMC dancers give this sure-handed piece all the requisite authority . . .  the strength of the lunges, pointing arms, and pointed gazes makes these women warriors."

  Chicago Tribune









Patterns of Being, 2

Premiered:  Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago



Patterns of Being, 1

Original, live score:  Stone

Costumes: Collin Bunting

Premiered: Dance Shelter 2012



Ashen Wing

Music: Graham Fitkin. Costumes: Collin Bunting

Text:  "Angel Surrounded by Paysans", Wallace Stevens

Premiered: The Other Dance Festival, 10th Anniversary.

"Ashen Wing communicates excitement, even a sense of danger . . . the movement bursts out, straining upward, then quickly recedes . . . It's rare and welcome to see a dance so infused with the bitter wisdom and unaccountable joys of age" (



April (new version)

Music: Ahir Bhairav, Alan Posselt, Aneesh Pradhan.

Costumes: Atalee Judy, revised by Collin Bunting

Premiered: The I-Loft, Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

"engaging, nicely designed  . . . begins with a quiet solo, evolves into a cascading ensemble energy, and returns for a more feverish solo, all the while following the oh-so-meditative crescendo of the sitar" (Chicago Tribune, 3 stars).



3 + 1

live music on standing bass: Anton Hatwich,

costumes: Collin Bunting

Premiered: The Other Dance Festival, Chicago


we need to learn to see in the dark

Premiered:  Objects in Motion Festival,

                        the Building Stage, Chicago


Watch This

Premiered:  Hamlin Park Theater, Chicago



Premiered:  30/30 Links Hall, Chicago




music: Dan Schmidt, costumes: Collin Bunting

Premiered at The Other Dance Festival, Chicago

"joyous, playful . . . danced exquisitely. A piece that fuses the expansiveness and freedom of modern dance with the tightly circumbscribed Balinese style" (Chicago Reader Critic's Choice).



video projection:  Niki Nolan, original score:  Sherry Antonini and Basil Abbott, costumes:  Collin Bunting

Premiered:  International Festival of Calligraphy


Silver Clouds

music:  John Cage

Costumes:  Atalee Judy

Premiered:  Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago


Urban Nostalgia

original score:  Stone

Premiered:  Hamlin Park Theater, Chicago 






Echo #4 layback.jpg
sat back echo 4 crop.jpg

Echo 4/"Approaching 9".  Clark Park Boathouse Plaza at sunset. Photo: SGL Productions

CMC Dance Shelter 2018 photo by Daniel Guidara-0995.jpg

Echo Project, "Approaching 9".  Chih-Hsien Lin.  Photo:  D. Guidara

Mobius/2, Hamlin Park Theater 2016.  Photo:  J. O'Donnell.  Dancers:  Precious Jennings, Ayako Kato, Jessie Young

Mobius Project, site specific performance at The Hospitale Art Space,  Tottori Japan.  

Photo:  J. Young; Yasumune Morshige, cello; Precious Jennings, performance

"Patterns of Being", photo:  W. Frederking.  Dancers:  Karla Beltchenko, Precious Jennings

3+1, photo:  W. Frederking.  Dancers:  Jeremy Blair, Rachel Bunting, Mindy Meyers.

Silver Clouds.  Photo:  C. Wiedemann.  Dancers:  Margaret Morris, Julia Mayer.

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